Friday, October 18, 2013

Never to start again

Today was our first teacher planning day experience.
Bryce started off the day with some light reading.

Then Cole and I set off after dropping of Bryce at school Cole and I headed up to Bruggers for a quick bagel.

Then after a couple errands we were able to swing by Best Buy for an early birthday present, the new Skylanders game. Then over to the theater to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

After the really cute movie, we had a couple hours to kill before we went and picked up Bryce, then Brian from work and headed to Gaines Street Pie for some dinner.  

After dinner we headed over to Dick Howser for the Garnet and Gold game.  We were able to hang for about an hour before Bryce was completely covered in water from the puddles, dirt, sweat, you name it.  Up and down the steps, up and down the bleachers...... Cole was even able to get a foul ball.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recent Photos

Here is a series of photos taken over the past few months. The most recent photos start you off and then move back in time.

Here is my sweet little angel.

First T-Ball Practice with Coach Uncle Bill.

Wacky Wednesday at School - Dr. Suess month at school.

We began the transitioning Cole's room moving his furniture to the baby's room along with starting the organization for all the new/old stuff. While Brian and I were busy with our chores, Cole's inventive mind decided he would make his baby brother a high chair for when he ate with us at the dinner table. Here it is.....

Cole and Cassidy had another movie date to see "The Lorax" on March 10, 2012.

Rock N Roll Day at school.

First Baseball Game of the season with the Wheeless Family.

They were painting faces at school and a crew of them transformed into Batman.

One day I picked him up and apparently they had been painting the girl's nails that day. Oh and the boy's!

My dad was in town for a meeting and was able to join us for dinner. Here is a cute picture of he and Cole as well as the two of them in a competive game of Mario Kart.

Cody spent the night with us the night before Bash and Dash and we took the boys to the Bash the next morning. Here are a couple pictures from the Dash and the slumber party.

Cole sometimes likes to nap in his tent.

Pirate Day at School.

Pajama Day at School.

One Friday night at Fun Station Jr with Cody and Michele.

V is for Vest - Vest Day at School.

Cole's Thoughts on Pregnancy

This morning the radio was talking about Jessica Simpson and her pregnancy. I asked Cole, jokingly, 'Do you know anyone who is pregnant?' He answered 'No' with a smile. Then he asked when he would get pregnant. I told him that only girls got pregnant, to which he responded, 'Why can not boys get pregnant?" Again I mentioned that only girls got pregnant. This went back and forth for a bit until he finally asked, frustrated, 'Well what special thing do boys get when they get older?'

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cole's Thoughts and updates

Before we begin, Cole has started calling the baby Sporty. He didn't quite understand how that name qualifies more as a nickname rather than an official first name, although I know there are worse names out there in the universe. However, he has now decided that his name should be Dawson. Dawson was one of our names before we even got pregnant and we have mentioned it along with some others but Cole seems to have taken to it. So it looks like we will probably be moving forward with Dawson XXX Garber.

With that, here is a recent conversation we had.....

Referring to us (Brian and I) calling Cole his nickname, Pumpkin....
Cole: Mom will you start calling me Big Pumpkin and Dawson, Little Pumpkin?
Mom: No, you will always be Pumpkin. Sporty/Dawson will have his own nicknames.
Cole: Right, ok, you can call him Jack-O-Lantern.

Referring to the two teachers at Creative who have their PhD's
Cole: Mom, you know that Dr. Laura and Dr. Pam aren't real doctors like the ones who give you shots. They are just teacher doctors.

Upon receiving Hugo in the mail from Netflix
Mom: Cole would you like to watch a movie with me tonight?
Cole: What movie?
Mom: Hugo
Cole: What is it about?
Me grabbing the envelope the DVD is delivered in to read him the brief synopsis. After reading the two sentence description of the movie to Cole.
Cole: Short movie, huh?
Spitting out food laughing......

Driving home from school one afternoon.
Cole: You know I can count in spanish. Uno, Tres, Seis.
Mom: Good job.
Cole: And I know how to say good morning in Chinese, Bonjour.
Mom: Actually, that is French .

Heading to T-ball practice.
Cole: How do you say "thank you" in French?
Seriously, I took a couple years of French, could not come up with it so I had to google it......SAD! Merci!

Looks like we need to brush up on our early childhood skillsoreign languages.......Imagine when he gets to Adverbs and Pronouns. Gsheesh!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cole's First Dentist Appointment

Cole had his first dentist appointment today with Dr. Carey, who was my dentist growing up. However, this is the second generation, Dr. Carey's son, Bart, who also is a friend of Brian and I. Cole was ready for his appointment with no apprehension and when it was time to go back I went with him and got the entire spiel from Dr. Carey on how children these days tend to have on average, 4 cavities on their first visit due to all the snacking on carbs that is done these days (pretzels, chips, crackers, gummies, etc). During this time, Cole was brushing his teeth then having x-rays done (unbeknownst to me). He came back in and got right in the chair. The hygienist gave him a pair of "sunglasses" to shield his eyes from the bright light and he had no trouble lying there as she gave his teeth a full cleaning. I was very proud of him. Fortunately Cole had zero cavities and according to Dr Carey had great spacing for when his adult teeth come in. He got a shark tattoo and bag with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, timer, floss, and race car and was pumped to show everyone at school!

Funny note: The hygienist who was working on Cole's teeth recognized me and remembered doing my teeth as a child when I used to come to see Dr. Carey Senior! WOW!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bobcat Bash February 2011

We attended our first Bobcat Bash and Dash at Bucklake Elementary School. Cole entered into the race and did awesome. He got a medal for completing the race and was extremely proud of himself.

Emmy and Papa came up for the weekend and got to attend the bash with us.

Cole at the start of the race.

And they're off....
Closing in on finish line.

One proud little racer!

After the race we met up with Bill, Michele, Cody, Sydney, Gram and Granddaddy for some carnival fun. There were bouncy houses, pony rides, train rides, and all sorts of other carnival games.

Cole on the train ride.

Cody joined the train fun.

Cole and Cody entered into the jail cell. Considering they were in jail, they were still happy as could be. Let's just hope this is the first and last time they are ever behind bars!!!! :)